Family Sierks

Then and now

The history of the “bear jug” has a long tradition, because the oldest country inn between Hamburg and Kiel can trace its roots to the 17th century. There, the “bear jug” was already mentioned in 1648 and received his final name in 1852. But with the “bear” this has nothing to do, but can be on the Low German word “Born”.

(the source). A Danish captain and surveyor mistakenly interpreted this word wrongly. In 1919, the Sierks family acquired the old half-timbered house and turned it into a small but fine gastronomy and hotel business.

The Sierks family has been operating the 17th-century inn since 1919, and has transformed the “bear’s jug” from its inconspicuous beginnings into a widely respected hotel and restaurant. The character of the house is largely influenced by the family atmosphere. The house is managed by Ulf Sierks and his wife Jeannette. They have support

still from the seniors Klaus and Marianne Sierks, who already for over 50 years with body and soul belong to the “bear jug”. And also the 5th Generation with the children Sander, Vasco and Zoe is already in the starting blocks and meets one now and again during a visit to the “Bear Krug”.